Introducing VisorGuard
The Premier Choice For NCAA Equipment Managers
Meet the highest performance film designed to protect your visor or shield
Introducing VisorGuard
The Leading Optic Visor/Shield Protection
The leading optic protection for all bubbles and visors, preferred by youths, amateurs and pros.
About VisorGuard
Elevating Quality, Clarity and Durability To The Game
VisorGuard is a high performance film designed to protect your visor or shield from scratches, scuffs, and abrasions that naturally occur during use. Let VisorGuard take the inevitable impact and damage of gameplay, then peel it away leaving your visor or mask as good as new.

VisorGuard’s unique cohesive application means it can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue or smudging on your mask. Due to our technologically advanced material the VisorGuard once applied will not effect your clarity of vision VisorGuard works in conjunction with any anti fog materials applied to the visor

The product is applied easily at home or on the go. Please view the instructional videos for more detailed information VisorGuard is designed to protect your investment and save you money. Defend your visor and your wallet.
VisorGuard Products
Exceptional Visor Protection


  • Easy Application (process takes less than 5 minutes)
  • Military Grade (material used for F1 Fighter Jets)
  • Custom Fit


  • No Visual Distortion (100% optical clarity)
  • Removable (leaves no adhesive residue)
  • Anti-fog (advection-resistant technology)


  • Scratch-Proof (force resistant coating)
  • Water Resitant (implements DRY technology)
  • Lifetime Guarantee (yes, we are that confident)
VisorGuard products for football helmet visors
VisorGuard products for hockey helmet visors
What's In The Box
Each VisorGuard contains one guard, one squeegee, and one bottle of VisorGuard application solution.
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